Deborah Edgeley graduated with a First Class Honours degree in English Literature with The Open University. During her studies Ink Pantry was formed in 2011 by fellow creative writing students. Deborah became Editor in Chief and Ink Pantry continues to support writers worldwide.

In 2017 Deborah published her first poetry collection, Testing The Delicates, which explores the prejudice surrounding mental health. Her other collections are Wilkommen Zum Rattenfanger Theater (2019), Solitary Child, Friend of Immortals (2020), Super 8 Magicscape (2021), and I Slip into French like Tolstoy (2023).

Also in 2017 Fall in Green was born, a theatrical, experimental act of poetry and music, with Mark Sheeky. Fall in Green have released three albums: Testing The Delicates (2018), Apocalypse of Clowns (2019), and Lou Salome Empathy With Daisies (2022), a project inspired by Italian author Stefano Santachiara, and three singles: Time Falling (2018), Who is Afraid/She Floats (2018), Jabberwocky (2021), plus an EP, War is Over (2020).