Album release 2/12/22 Lou Salome Empathy With Daisies by Fall in Green

Excited to announce that our 4th album, Lou Salome Empathy With Daisies, is out today, 2nd December 2022!

Born in Russia in 1861, Lou Andreas-Salomé is remembered for her friendships with the great thinkers of her day. As well as being a poet, author, narrator and essayist, Salomé was the first female psychoanalyst, and muse to Friedrich Nietzsche, Paul Rée, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Sigmund Freud.

In 2022, Stefano Santachiara, the Italian author of a biographical play about Salomé’s life invited us to create a new work on the theme, and this album is the result; a new biographical work which explores the life of Salomé, and her relationships.

Each track explores a different aspect of her personality and relationships. Entwined in Infinity, for example, explores the minds of Salomé and Nietzsche. The Bird in Borrowed Feathers looks at Friedrich Carl Andreas, and Cosmic Solitude, Give Me Your Pain, and Sit With Your Ghost explores her deep relationship with the poet Rilke.

The album is rounded off with a new musical version of Richard Dadd’s poem The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke, and a new translation of the Rilke poem, The Flower of Farewell.

The music for the live premiere performance was based on solo piano. Here the music is enhanced with orchestral instruments, guitars, synthesizers, music box, and even the rhythmic mock-quill of Neitzsche!

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Crewe Tree of Light Ceremony: Sky Robes of Celeste

Sky Robes of Celeste

Sky robes of Celeste sparkle in winter’s breath
Studded with polished buttons of silver stars
Swish of indigo silk cyclorama
the smile of a golden crescent
the Plough edged with violet lace

Tree roots dormant
Oak stasis in weathered rocks
The sleeping burrow of tiny worms await
yet the cemetery carries whispers of rich veined springs

From emerald to russet
the chlorophyll fades as centuries turn
yet through frost iced ancestors’ soil
beloved snowdrops peep…

Sandalwood curls conjure
the labyrinth of memory

We dance with our ancestors to a silent tune
We listen to their gift of crimson treasure
pulsing their song
lit by her moon


This poem was commissioned by Crewe Council for the Tree of Light Ceremony. Performed by Fall in Green at Crewe cemetery, 3rd December 2021.